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Coffee or Tea Drinker? July 26, 2013

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What do you think is better for your health? Is Green Tea really the most superior?tumblr_md271pZF0k1r04kdao1_500

After some research Tea still seems to come out on top in terms of health benefits.

Green tea has amazing benefits, no argument there, but perhaps more people should look at White Tea as it has 3x more anti-oxidants.

For those of you who need a caffeine kick but want the health benefits might consider Oolong Tea instead of the typical Black Tea.

Need an anti-oxidant rich tea without Caffeine but lots of flavour? Rooibos Tea is for you!

Coffee still has been shown to reduce certain diseases as well but has more risks from over consumption than Tea.

And when it comes to Tea or Coffee, organic is best as it has not been sprayed with Pesticides..ewww.

You decide! Or just have a variety of coffee and different teas daily to cover your butt.

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