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Weekend Round Up May 27, 2011

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Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a fantastic week. Here are some of the health stories that caught our eye this month. Let us know what you think of them. We love feedback!

Tara Parker-Pope wrote in the NY Times about how diet and (lack of) exercise aren’t the only contributors to weight gain. The move to a more sedentary work life, a shift away from factories and toward office jobs, has corresponded with a steady population-wide weight gain. Here are some tips for combating desk-job related fatigue and weight gain. Have any of you tried these? Anyone use or know someone who uses a standing work station?

This article on the rising rate of childhood cancer hits it on the nose. It’s tragic and unfortunate that so many young people are getting sick. As an ND, it’s important to take age into consideration when treating patients. The young ones definitely have special needs (psychological and physiological) that must be addressed by the physician, but they are also often the most hopeful and inspiring patients of all.

This article on the health benefits of common herbs is making us consider planting an herb garden here at the clinic. Who knew sage was such an antioxidant?!

For those interested in osteoporosis, it’s always interesting when a research conflict like this emerges! I guess only time (and a lot of research dollars) will tell who was right.

That’s all for now! Hope to here some of your insights. Have a fun, healthy and productive weekend!


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