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Eat Local Food! May 12, 2014

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local food

Spring and summer in Kingston = Farmers Market. Fresh. Local. Delicious!

We support our local farmers and believe eating locally is better for your health and better for the community.

Read this article by Chris Kresser on Why Local Trumps Organic for Nutrient Content. 

Where can you find Local food in Kingston?

The Kingston Public Market runs from April-November on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Get more information on vendors here.

On Sundays you can also find great selection at the Memorial Centre Farmers Market.

Now get out there and get some real food!

 real food manifesto


Eat Real Food, NOT Cheerios! March 5, 2014

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So Multi-Grain Cheerios has a new campaign which is a great idea. This is the main idea behind it: “Take the Never Say Dieting Oath and let’s make the next generation healthy – mind, body, and spirit.” Love this idea! You can read more about it here.

BUT…BUT… Their “balanced approach” to healthier eating is going to hurt rather than heal. 2 of their 5 points we take an  issue with:

1. Each day, make at least half of your grain products whole grain

WHAT?!?! Watch a little video here, in case you have forgotten about grains, and as to why encouraging grains is a bad, bad idea. Please, do your own research about grains, read books, search on the internet and inspect the scientific evidence against grains. It is there!

2. Choose lower fat milk and lean meats (or their alternatives) prepared with little or no added fat. 

It is 2014 people!! More and more studies have proven that we actually need fats from real foods like meat.
Read here why low fat diets are hurtful rather than harmful.

Sorry Cheerios, love the campaign, but your “healthy” eating approach and your product filled with GM ingredients, sugars, starch, food colouring, miscellaneous chemicals and fake vitamins leaves A LOT to be desired.

Feed our future generations REAL food and they will undoubtedly be healthier in mind, body and spirit.

Books we recommend for your educational pleasure:

Wheat-Bellypaleo solutionbuy-paleo-answer-book-204x300



Did you know this about MSG? September 10, 2013

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We have all heard of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and usually relate it to Chinese food but did you know it exits in many other common packed foods? (One more reason to say no to processed foods!) It’s main use is to enhance flavour and trick the brain into thinking you are still hungry when you are full as well as creating an addiction for the food. Possibly why we crave chips, cookies and Kraft dinner when they actually don’t taste that great or satisfy us. Contributing factor to obesity and heart disease amongst other things? Highly likely!

msg-ratIf you still buy packaged foods then be aware that MSG can be hidden in foods under the following names so label check EVERYTHING!
Sodium caseinate
Yeast extract
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
Textured whey protein
Textured vegetable protein
Tydrolyzed yeast extract
Textured soy protein
Autolyzed yeast extract,
Autolyzed vegetable protein
Calcium caseinate.

The toxin can also be labeled as “natural flavor” or “spice. eat-real-food

MSG may exhibit an allergic-type reaction or hypersensitivity. For those people, the effects of consuming food containing MSG may include: a burning sensation, facial pressure, headache, nausea and chest pains appearing about 20 minutes after consumption and disappearing about two hours later.



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