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Weekend Round-up December 23, 2010

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This article on how the food industry (particularly fast food) shapes health policy is very interesting and relevant. However, it fails to acknowledge how the pharmaceutical industry has had an equally detrimental effect on medical policy and people’s overall health. For example, most anti-depressants, lithium (for BPD), and even many diabetes medications can cause sudden and uncomfortable weight gain.

News about the dangers of eating too much tuna aren’t new, but protests against heavy metals in fish have been more frequent. Mercury poisoning is nothing to joke about! Please talk to your doctor about testing if  you think you may be affected. Intravenous (IV) therapy (done here at the clinic) is extremely effective for getting heavy metals out of the system. Fish like sardines, herring and WILD salmon are low in heavy metals and contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. They are much safer to consume than tuna and other large fish.

Just in time for the holidays, this soup looks delicious and includes seasonal chestnuts (which are delicious with bay leaves and thyme).

Thanks to Pretty in Primal for passing along this article! Low-carb diets are great for helping diabetics regain quality of life. In general, they can be very healthy (and definitely a far superior option to flour- and sugar-laden diets), but balance is always key- not all carbs are the enemy!

Tim Ferriss’ new book is causing quite a stir. Here’s an interview he did in Wired Magazine. What do you think? Too extreme? Any diet that promotes extreme restriction 6 days a week just to get ready for your 1 “binge day” is not healthy!!! Fad diets may cause weight loss short-term, but weight-gain is inevitable after you relax those extreme rules (International Journal of Obesity (2004) 28, 278–281). The best way to ensure healthy weight loss is through doctor-assisted nutritional and lifestyle adjustments.


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